Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2:

I have just had a great nights sleep and I am ready to start the day then all of a sudden I here a scream! i reconize that its maddy, I rush to see what is wrong. When i get there maddy is crying really hard and staring at something. I follow her eyes down to what shes looking at and I get the fright of my life! Her arm is green! it almost looks as if she is turning into a spider. It must have been that glowing thing that she touched on the web yesterday. We started to pack up all our stuff then we spot a fossil looking thing on the ground. Leah says it looks like Amber. Amber is good for healing things because the ancient Maori used it when medicine wasn't around. It will be really good for Maddy's arm. So I grab a bandage and rub a piece of the amber onto her arm and wrap the bandage around so it stays safe and secure. " Wow it feels better already!" Says Maddy in a very excited and relieved voice. Then we here a Russell in the bushes and every thing suddenly go silent. then out pops Malik." You guys its okay you can come out now" he said. I was very confused at this point who else could have be talking to. But then all of a sudden James and Mac pop out of the bush. I say I'm a very confused voice "What are you guys doing here?" "Well we want to join forces with you guys" they said to us. Maddy, leah Morgan and I all whisper on what they want then Morgan said," well what do you want out of this?" James replied" oh well we will tell you our plan if you tell us yours, we know your up to something we are very curious." so we join teams. i mean what could possibly go wrong? we tell them our plan and show them maddys arm to prove it all and they tell us there plan, and we know that this was a good idea. we set off exploring together. we came to the middle of the island which is surrounded by water. maddy is so keen to go over but i kind of want to stay behind. but she convinces morgan to go over with her so they do. and then all of a sudden malik falls into the river and these giant eels start swarming. then malik quickly pulls out a knife and starts to kill them off. then he quickly swims to the other side of the river. we yell across the river to each other and decied that they're going to explore the wild side of the river and leah, mac james and I stay behind to look after camp for a while and they will come back before dark.

wel guess what, its pitch black right now and there has been no siugn of anyone so far. i am starting to get soo worried. im having mild panic attacks just thinking about what terrible thing must of happened to them because they haven't returned. i decide to go have a conversation with they others so we can figure out what to do. while exchanging throughts with the others and then i hear the most pericing noise i have ever heard, like as if some one was scrapping there finger nails down a chalk board. but 1000 times louder. so as you can imagine we all jump and get such a fright and look for what made theat noise and we see a light in the air across the river which we think is a flare. so we decide to go and see.

on the other side of the river i see maddy like lying on the ground and she is passed out. we wake her up to find malik is passed out aswel. so we have to wake him up also. wow this is a tough job. then they tell us what happened and how they touched these figures and were like dreaming to be flying throw space. my first throughts about this is that this is that have gone COMPLETLY crazy! but i am starting to believe them, because they show my the eye and this hand with 4 fingers. so this must be true thet have proof, and im pretty sure they're wild imaginations couldn't even come up with such a story. they are so keen to investigate some more but i say no. i am just determind not to. my brain is telling me not to. so i don't i decide to stay and lok after camp.

i'm waiting, and waiting and waiting. i am just so borred now! can't they just hurry up!? then there is a russel in the bushes and out pops james. yay finally someone to talk to. he has informed me that the others went on but he got that same feeling i did.

we are just siting there for ages actually then james glances up at the sky and get a surprizing look on his face, so i flow his eyes up to what hes staring at and i see this little silver UFO shaped thing and it came from where Maddy, Malik, Mac and Leah where last time james was with them. my first thought was OMG my friends have been captured and taken away by Aliens!!

then the "UFO" went towards the hill closest to us, and it landed. then these two little silver men walked around the space ship and then like tapped it and disapeared. okay now i am like so comnfused and i realy want me friends back. but it's very late and i must get some sleep before i start the brand new day.

Day 1:

We are all so excited for this big trip, we have been studying for weeks. I just can't wait to get on this plane and go to Matainui! We are at the meeting point in Kawhia. As we wait there all nervous we realize that the pilot of the plane is really Sam a student in our class. Is this a good idea? i think to my self as i hop on the plane. more nervous than i think i have ever been in my whole life. we are taking off! the engine is SO loud! I think Sam is actually pro at this nothing seems to be going wrong. Until all of a sudden we are in complete darkness and every one is like floating around me I am very confused now. Then I here over the intercom " I never past my pilot test!" Screamed Sam. And then everyone is cry and screaming with fear then CRASH! We are in the water! I look around all I see are heads bobbing up and down and am in total shock then i find Maddy. We search for some others then we see Leah and Morgans so we swim towards them. Leah has a broken arm we need to find land! We look around and see that in 100m there is a beach. And some people are already swimming towards it. Maddy and I lost our bags so we carry Leah and Morgans while Morgan, pulls Leah back to shore. As we get there we relax for a bit then decide to go and explore for a bit. We find some sort of track that looks like it has been made by a animal or some giant creature. So we follow it until we get to a stop. Morgan looks down and discovers all these bones. We are just think they are old animal bones but when we look up we see this GIANT spider web with a glowing thing in the middle. " Should we get it?" Asks Maddy. Her and I really want to but Leah and Morgan for some strange reason think its a really really bad idea. But then Maddy and i decide to try. I give her a boost and next thing you know a spider, bigger than you could imagine is trying to grab Maddy! We panic then Morgan starts throwing things at it and Leah joins in. I hold on to Maddy's feet as tight as possible I will not let go! Then boom! Maddy flies down and lands on top of me. YAY!! She is alright. But no time to sit and chat we have to get out of here. We run as fast as cheaters threw the thick bush. Then at the end there are 3 path was. We chose the one on the left and good plan to we end up at a village where our old huts used to be! Yay safe at last. Well for now any way.......