Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 14:

Today is the last day! Finally this is just been so crazy over the last 2 weeks i hope i get home safe and sound.

We wake the next day. Maddy, James and Mac are full of excitement and eat a good breakfast quickly and get ready fast so we can swim out to the spaceship again and deliver the ankh! they tell us about what happened first though.

then the orders were to swim out at 12 but we are so hyped that we leave 10 mins early! the swim is really easy, and this time there are no complications! Then maddy pushes this button and the space ship goes up into the air. Wow is exciting we might actually be going home!

The alien opens the door and tells us in a scary kind of way us in and to follow him. We follow him into this control room, and he says very slowly, "You have the ankh?""Yes, we do. You learnt to speak English?" Maddy say, after all she is the best communicator in our group."Very good, and yes we have learnt to speak English, it has been quite a challenge. Can we please have the ankh?""That's good, yes, here it is." Morgan steps forward, slowly she is a little bit scared of the aliens, "Here, it was a gift to me, but you need it to get us back so here take it." She says in such a frightened tone."Thank you very much, I sense tension between me and you, there is no need to worry, you will not regret this decision. We are on your side, well that's better." i am so relieved when the alien said that, my Horror of them is now gone.

then the alien speaks in his little language to all the others of his kind and we get ready for the journey home! Finally i miss every one so much. but i must say i am really going to miss Matainui. i hope i come back some day. well Maybe i already have.........

Day 13:

We wake up the next day and we decide to go to the little beach by that huge mountain,
and it is just a normal beach with sand, sand and more sand.We thought we would find something interesting like a spaceship, but no, This beach was normal, until suddenly out of no where in the distance we see a spaceship. this is weird for me because the others had told me about there aliens friends but i sort of thought they were just having me on.

i am so totally freaked out now! But James, Maddy and Mac all want to go see what it is, so they swim out to it. I think they had complications while out there because they were standing still for ages at one point. i am so worried for all of them, this was not a good idea.

so we sit on the beach looking at the spaceship just wondering what is happening. then at about 10:00 at night you see little figures swimming back, and then i just fell asleep.

Day 12:

The next morning we all told Morgan what had happened, Emma then told them to bring her a long twig and she made that into a rope, they then put it around Morgans neck and then well she woke up again. I told her never to take off the necklace because something very bad would happen.

I think this dream that she has had is quite frightening because she keeps thinking about, you can see in her facial expressions that she does not enjoy this one bit. I would hate to be in her situation at the moment. all this bad stuff is happening to her, it is very very unlucky.

Then We heard her say herself if I don't think about it I won't get scared. We forgot all about it though it and carried on with our life .Morgan, Leah, Maddy and I went down to the beach around the little island and rested there for a while.

Then, Suddenly a green alien figure came and took us we suspected it was one of the bad aliens from my dream, we were freaking out as we knew what would happen as it was exactly like Morgans dream

Day 11:

I wake up and see that Maddy Leah and Morgan have all ditched me! I am well very angry now. i wake up Mac,James and Malik and we just chat about life for ages actually. then Malik tells us about his secret obsession for knuckle bones and that at home he secretly practices at night whilst everyone else is asleep. then he quickly whips out some knuckle bones that he had made and we play with them for a while as well.

Then through the bushes we all here a noise and out come "the ditchers"! "Where the hell have you guys been?" I shout angrily. "We were trying to find Morgan because she went sleep walking and didn't comeback, and now shes unconscious and the ankh is no longer inside of her. We are really confused, but when she wakes up hopefully she'll be able to answer our questions." They explain. "Oh, okay, sorry for shouting." i say i feel bad now. "Oh, don't worry we knew you guys were going to be at least a little bit angry, you had a right to as well." Leah says acceptably.So we sit around for a while and wait for Morgan to wake up, because we can't really do anything or go anywhere unless shes awake."Maybe we need to put the ankh back in her to get her to wake up?" James says. "Oh yea, that's an awesome idea!" Mac says. "But we can't really do that a unless we stab it into her?! And we shouldn't do that, because it might kill her." Maddy Say's intelligently. "Well, why don't we make a necklace and put it on her?" i said like They are a bunch of idiots. "Oh, yea okay." James says.Then I use my awesome powers and shape shifts a long twig into a piece of thin rope and links it through the ankh and ties knot into it and puts it over her head.Slowly but gradually Morgan starts to wake up, she seems very confused. so we get her a canister of some of the special waterfall water to make her feel better. then she is back to normal! YAY!

Day 10:

We all wake up around the same time, and guess what! we all feel so much better! That is just so fabulous! But any way once every one is blue eyed and bushy tailed, we decide amongst ourselves what we are going to do with our sunny and gorgeous day. Maddy has an idea that we could visit the little island just off the coast where we first crash landed onto the island. I think that is a wonderful idea. so do the others so we get some water and berries that we find and set off on our wonderful journey to the little island, just so we can cheek it out.

while we are flying over i don't see any movement like we usually do. They probably still fell sick from all the ice cream. They should take some of the water. But they can't, they're not as special as us! And there's no way we are going to tell them about it. it could run out! that would be Horrible!

when we finally land on this island it has a beautiful beach on it. i am fully jealous of its looks. Although i don't want to look like a beach. But back to the topic it is extra warm on the sand so i lie down and have well an afternoon nap. After that, We go deeper in to the island, and then we find Mr Woody and Miss McConnell's old house they were going to live in! it looks quite cosy actually. and it's made out of limestone, very stylish indeed.

Then we look up at the sky, "it's getting a bit dark don't you think?" says James. so we decide to camp here the night. Then with my awesome shape shifting power i create a bonfire, with a shield around it so it is sustainable for our environment. then we toast berries and marshmallows then drift off one by one to sleep.

Day 9:

We wake up very slowly and everyone is feeling very sick, even worse than i was feeling yesterday oh dear i had way to much ice cream. The little silver people ( Jordan and Cairo ) asked us if we wanted more ice cream just for breakfast. well i just had to say no. i couldn't possibly eat one more spoon of ice cream i was done.

Every one else is feeling like me. we are well what you could call Anti ice-cream. We talk amongst ourselves and decide as a group that we are going to go back to the waterfall and drink some of that wonderful water to try make ourselves better and sleep off that horrible sickness felling that we have. I hope it goes by time I wake up.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 8

We slept in so late and woke up at round 11 o'clock! We went on a journey towards the forest and then carried on to just below it and we watched Jordan transform everything into everything!
It was amazingly, ice-cream just nothing but ice-cream, ice-cream and well ice-cream. I couldn't believe my eyes I had never seen anything like this ever.
Cairo was giving out this broach sort of thing that Jordan put on first we watched him slowly bring the broach to his chest and stick it there, then all of a sudden a full body suit surrounded him, then everyone else started to do it too!
We jumped into the endless pool of ice-cream and then the ice-cream around me changed to my favourite flavour I took a bite it was just so yummy!
All day we were swimming and eating ice-cream. wow i am feeling a bit sick. But well i don't really Care because i am swimming in a pool of ice cream!
IT was a very long day and o must say i am very tired now. We slept the night there i was the last to fall asleep because i was so excited about the ice cream pit i didn't want it to disappear!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 7 :

we wake up pretty early and we decide to go for a fly around the island to cheek every thing is okay. so i shape shift my self into a bird and the others can already fly because they are just special. so we take off flying through the air. i just feel so light and free! then Maddy spots a sign and i can't read it because it is pretty far away. but then when we get closer and Maddy's face lights up when she sees the word ice cream. OMG this can be, ice cream is just so nice and there is free stuff as much as you want. we go and land by the ice cream truck. Maddy then says 'What the hey?, this ice cream truck is flying." when i first here her say this i think maybe she is just so excited that she is going to free ice cream that she is seeing things. but then i turn around and see that the truck is floating!. with all the weird things that i have seen you'd think this wouldn't scare me but well this did.

then the little people who are working in the ice cream truck say " Greetings, what flavour would you like to eat today" these little people are just so random and kinda scary looking. i ask what flavours we have. and guess what they said. it made everyone that surrounded us fill with excitement. "well we have every flavour possible". Wow i just can't wait to get stuck into a nice creamy desert. i was just so happy and eat so much!

then once we had finished we thought we might have to get back somehow so we told the little ice cream truck drivers that we best be off but they said that they are going to this ice cream pit tomorrow and said they will take us to it. oh Yay lets go to the ice cream pit. so we all slept in the truck and yeah it was cool.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 6:

we slept in the cave for the night but on the other side, away from the talking monkey. and we had a pretty horrible sleep. the ground is so bumpy! but i wake up really early and then about 5 minutes later the others wake up to. then we just plan what we are going to do. " i think we should get out of her" says James, Leah and Mac agree. but then Maddy wants to go and try out this time machine. maybe it could help us get off this dreaded island. in the end we decide to go with Maddy's plan and go try actually listen to monkey.

He goes on and on and on, about how to use the time machine and tells us all the side affects. now well I'm not so keen. i mean getting lost in space is a bit dramatic you have to admit. but after listening to instructions for like 45 Min's seriously i stopped listening after 20 Min's. but a few people listened so we were all goods.

i hope in the machine and i am shaking like a ice block in the freezer. then Malik pulls the leaver and boom i am floating, just like what happened in the plane when we crashed on this island. oh dear this can not be good. i think we are in a bit of a pickle actually. don't you? but then i wake up and i am out side on top of the mountain again. hmmm, that's weird and i am watching myself when i was normal with no secret powers building which looks to me like a village. okay this is getting scary. we are watching our self's for ages wondering what in the world is going on.

we are thinking and sharing our ideas about what we think has happened for about 2 hours. then we come to the final decision that we have gone back in time to reality. because the main point of us coming to the island any way was to build sustainable environments and that is what we are doing while watching our self's. but it's going to get dark soon so we best be going back to the cave so we can find the time machine.

well it doesn't actually take us that long to find it which is good. then we pull the leaver and we go forwards in time to where we were before. and i am so tired right now so i think I'm going to go back to the waterfall to sleep for the night.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

day 5:

We set off to the cave very early in the morning, the waves roll in crashing on the surface under our feet then a portal thing opened under us. then the some of the guys that were with us got really attracted to the portal. they could not get away from it. they were sucked up and then vanished. Morgan flew up to the sky to check if they had gone there but there was no sight of them anywhere. the remaining people ( Maddy mac Leah and Morgan oh and James) we were telling each other what had happen and what we think is going on in this weird place. then we made it to the river and found the cave.

Maddy was the bravest so she went on first, followed by me, then well the rest followed. Maddy screamed and gave me a fright so i screamed. there was this talking monkey! what else could get more strange than a talking monkey! he was saying something about this really complicated technical machine thing tat he was standing by. and for a monkey he was quite fast at talking.

he said the word time machine. so i am starting to think that the machine is in fact a time machine. am i going crazy? James was so interested in what he was saying so maybe he could figure it out. then the monkey turned and said to us " i once was a human but this island mutated me into a monkey. he said it in a weird sort of tone. but i just found it so funny how of all things he got turned into a monkey! every one was laughing. then i turn around and see Maddy. she seemed so upset.

Day 4:

i still cannot remember any thing all i no is that i am still breathing and alive. bu ti am sick, very sick and need help quickly. time must have gone on because all of a sudden i am awake. it seems like 12 o'clock because the sun is up and it is so hot!

i look up and see all my friends, i am finally back with Maddy, Mac, Morgan, Malik and Leah! and they are with some other class members of ours. then i look up to thank James and see he is soooo ugly. he is like this swamp monster thing. it is sooo scary. then Maddy is an Egyptian god and Leah is a European god. then Morgan is a Pegasus! that is sooo awesome!

then we decide to go for a walk. We looked from the top of the huge mountain and saw the whole island, which was just so great! and then we saw that the other three mountains were Egyptian pyramids! There was different things all over the island different things no one had seen before like mysterious tunnel and caves and spooky dark forest. but then there was this beautiful waterfall. i was so thirsty because i haven't drunk in like quite a few days. So Maddy, Leah and Morgan all travel down using there new powers that they have formed. i am actually quite jealous. but they have a drink of the water and say that we must try it and that its the most wonderful thing they have ever tasted. so we all have to walk down. half way to the bottom i decide this is no longer a walk it is a hike. and a very hard hike i must add, well now i know I'm going to be very sore tomorrow.

but finally we make it down to the bottom of the waterfall where there is a pond type thing. i see fresh water and i ran as fast as possible. OMG it's just such a great feeling to have some liquid substance inside me. i thought i would never have that satisfying feeling of that ever again. but then all of a sudden i start to feel this strange feeling inside me and i turn into this monster looking thing!

every one is staring at me in shock. i just want to be invisible right now. then well i look at me hand, it's gone. i look at me leg and it's gone. wow i am invisible. and just when i needed to be, then i think of a bird and i turn into a bird. wow i am like a shape shifter that is amazing. i am so excited now. i have a like super power too!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 3:

i wake up just as the sun is rising. what a beautiful sight. but then James is waking up so we have to plan how we're going to save our friends. we have decided to follow where the space ship went in order to find them. then James just happens to tell me a really important piece of information once we are half way to the mountain." oh by the way i saw the space ship fly to that mountain over there" James stated. i was just so angry then. now it will take us longer to get there because well that mountain is the furthest point away from us possible on the island. i can't believe he forgot about this important information. so we change direction and head to the right mountain. while walking we are listening to all the little birds singing there tunes. its just so wonderful.! then i hear a crash behind this massive tree. i am thinking to myself what was that noise? then i decide to go have a look. so i secretly drift off away from James to see. but i think he realised because he is just standing still now. i go look behind the tree and there is nothing there. wow now i am confused. so i go back to see James but he is just standing there not moving or speaking. then i look forward and see this giant Moa bird just standing there. he seems pretty harmless actually i don't see why James is so scared. i want to inspect this great bird so i do. i lay one hand on him to give him a friendly pat the i hear this loud Screech! and the bird starts attacking me. by time James gets there to help me its to late. i am losing consciousness and are so badly hurt. i am to weak to walk so i basically just lie there. and well i must of blacked out because i can't remember any thing else.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2:

I have just had a great nights sleep and I am ready to start the day then all of a sudden I here a scream! i reconize that its maddy, I rush to see what is wrong. When i get there maddy is crying really hard and staring at something. I follow her eyes down to what shes looking at and I get the fright of my life! Her arm is green! it almost looks as if she is turning into a spider. It must have been that glowing thing that she touched on the web yesterday. We started to pack up all our stuff then we spot a fossil looking thing on the ground. Leah says it looks like Amber. Amber is good for healing things because the ancient Maori used it when medicine wasn't around. It will be really good for Maddy's arm. So I grab a bandage and rub a piece of the amber onto her arm and wrap the bandage around so it stays safe and secure. " Wow it feels better already!" Says Maddy in a very excited and relieved voice. Then we here a Russell in the bushes and every thing suddenly go silent. then out pops Malik." You guys its okay you can come out now" he said. I was very confused at this point who else could have be talking to. But then all of a sudden James and Mac pop out of the bush. I say I'm a very confused voice "What are you guys doing here?" "Well we want to join forces with you guys" they said to us. Maddy, leah Morgan and I all whisper on what they want then Morgan said," well what do you want out of this?" James replied" oh well we will tell you our plan if you tell us yours, we know your up to something we are very curious." so we join teams. i mean what could possibly go wrong? we tell them our plan and show them maddys arm to prove it all and they tell us there plan, and we know that this was a good idea. we set off exploring together. we came to the middle of the island which is surrounded by water. maddy is so keen to go over but i kind of want to stay behind. but she convinces morgan to go over with her so they do. and then all of a sudden malik falls into the river and these giant eels start swarming. then malik quickly pulls out a knife and starts to kill them off. then he quickly swims to the other side of the river. we yell across the river to each other and decied that they're going to explore the wild side of the river and leah, mac james and I stay behind to look after camp for a while and they will come back before dark.

wel guess what, its pitch black right now and there has been no siugn of anyone so far. i am starting to get soo worried. im having mild panic attacks just thinking about what terrible thing must of happened to them because they haven't returned. i decide to go have a conversation with they others so we can figure out what to do. while exchanging throughts with the others and then i hear the most pericing noise i have ever heard, like as if some one was scrapping there finger nails down a chalk board. but 1000 times louder. so as you can imagine we all jump and get such a fright and look for what made theat noise and we see a light in the air across the river which we think is a flare. so we decide to go and see.

on the other side of the river i see maddy like lying on the ground and she is passed out. we wake her up to find malik is passed out aswel. so we have to wake him up also. wow this is a tough job. then they tell us what happened and how they touched these figures and were like dreaming to be flying throw space. my first throughts about this is that this is that have gone COMPLETLY crazy! but i am starting to believe them, because they show my the eye and this hand with 4 fingers. so this must be true thet have proof, and im pretty sure they're wild imaginations couldn't even come up with such a story. they are so keen to investigate some more but i say no. i am just determind not to. my brain is telling me not to. so i don't i decide to stay and lok after camp.

i'm waiting, and waiting and waiting. i am just so borred now! can't they just hurry up!? then there is a russel in the bushes and out pops james. yay finally someone to talk to. he has informed me that the others went on but he got that same feeling i did.

we are just siting there for ages actually then james glances up at the sky and get a surprizing look on his face, so i flow his eyes up to what hes staring at and i see this little silver UFO shaped thing and it came from where Maddy, Malik, Mac and Leah where last time james was with them. my first thought was OMG my friends have been captured and taken away by Aliens!!

then the "UFO" went towards the hill closest to us, and it landed. then these two little silver men walked around the space ship and then like tapped it and disapeared. okay now i am like so comnfused and i realy want me friends back. but it's very late and i must get some sleep before i start the brand new day.

Day 1:

We are all so excited for this big trip, we have been studying for weeks. I just can't wait to get on this plane and go to Matainui! We are at the meeting point in Kawhia. As we wait there all nervous we realize that the pilot of the plane is really Sam a student in our class. Is this a good idea? i think to my self as i hop on the plane. more nervous than i think i have ever been in my whole life. we are taking off! the engine is SO loud! I think Sam is actually pro at this nothing seems to be going wrong. Until all of a sudden we are in complete darkness and every one is like floating around me I am very confused now. Then I here over the intercom " I never past my pilot test!" Screamed Sam. And then everyone is cry and screaming with fear then CRASH! We are in the water! I look around all I see are heads bobbing up and down and am in total shock then i find Maddy. We search for some others then we see Leah and Morgans so we swim towards them. Leah has a broken arm we need to find land! We look around and see that in 100m there is a beach. And some people are already swimming towards it. Maddy and I lost our bags so we carry Leah and Morgans while Morgan, pulls Leah back to shore. As we get there we relax for a bit then decide to go and explore for a bit. We find some sort of track that looks like it has been made by a animal or some giant creature. So we follow it until we get to a stop. Morgan looks down and discovers all these bones. We are just think they are old animal bones but when we look up we see this GIANT spider web with a glowing thing in the middle. " Should we get it?" Asks Maddy. Her and I really want to but Leah and Morgan for some strange reason think its a really really bad idea. But then Maddy and i decide to try. I give her a boost and next thing you know a spider, bigger than you could imagine is trying to grab Maddy! We panic then Morgan starts throwing things at it and Leah joins in. I hold on to Maddy's feet as tight as possible I will not let go! Then boom! Maddy flies down and lands on top of me. YAY!! She is alright. But no time to sit and chat we have to get out of here. We run as fast as cheaters threw the thick bush. Then at the end there are 3 path was. We chose the one on the left and good plan to we end up at a village where our old huts used to be! Yay safe at last. Well for now any way.......