Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1:

We are all so excited for this big trip, we have been studying for weeks. I just can't wait to get on this plane and go to Matainui! We are at the meeting point in Kawhia. As we wait there all nervous we realize that the pilot of the plane is really Sam a student in our class. Is this a good idea? i think to my self as i hop on the plane. more nervous than i think i have ever been in my whole life. we are taking off! the engine is SO loud! I think Sam is actually pro at this nothing seems to be going wrong. Until all of a sudden we are in complete darkness and every one is like floating around me I am very confused now. Then I here over the intercom " I never past my pilot test!" Screamed Sam. And then everyone is cry and screaming with fear then CRASH! We are in the water! I look around all I see are heads bobbing up and down and am in total shock then i find Maddy. We search for some others then we see Leah and Morgans so we swim towards them. Leah has a broken arm we need to find land! We look around and see that in 100m there is a beach. And some people are already swimming towards it. Maddy and I lost our bags so we carry Leah and Morgans while Morgan, pulls Leah back to shore. As we get there we relax for a bit then decide to go and explore for a bit. We find some sort of track that looks like it has been made by a animal or some giant creature. So we follow it until we get to a stop. Morgan looks down and discovers all these bones. We are just think they are old animal bones but when we look up we see this GIANT spider web with a glowing thing in the middle. " Should we get it?" Asks Maddy. Her and I really want to but Leah and Morgan for some strange reason think its a really really bad idea. But then Maddy and i decide to try. I give her a boost and next thing you know a spider, bigger than you could imagine is trying to grab Maddy! We panic then Morgan starts throwing things at it and Leah joins in. I hold on to Maddy's feet as tight as possible I will not let go! Then boom! Maddy flies down and lands on top of me. YAY!! She is alright. But no time to sit and chat we have to get out of here. We run as fast as cheaters threw the thick bush. Then at the end there are 3 path was. We chose the one on the left and good plan to we end up at a village where our old huts used to be! Yay safe at last. Well for now any way.......

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  1. Hey thats good haha! It's pretty cool though aye. :)