Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 3:

i wake up just as the sun is rising. what a beautiful sight. but then James is waking up so we have to plan how we're going to save our friends. we have decided to follow where the space ship went in order to find them. then James just happens to tell me a really important piece of information once we are half way to the mountain." oh by the way i saw the space ship fly to that mountain over there" James stated. i was just so angry then. now it will take us longer to get there because well that mountain is the furthest point away from us possible on the island. i can't believe he forgot about this important information. so we change direction and head to the right mountain. while walking we are listening to all the little birds singing there tunes. its just so wonderful.! then i hear a crash behind this massive tree. i am thinking to myself what was that noise? then i decide to go have a look. so i secretly drift off away from James to see. but i think he realised because he is just standing still now. i go look behind the tree and there is nothing there. wow now i am confused. so i go back to see James but he is just standing there not moving or speaking. then i look forward and see this giant Moa bird just standing there. he seems pretty harmless actually i don't see why James is so scared. i want to inspect this great bird so i do. i lay one hand on him to give him a friendly pat the i hear this loud Screech! and the bird starts attacking me. by time James gets there to help me its to late. i am losing consciousness and are so badly hurt. i am to weak to walk so i basically just lie there. and well i must of blacked out because i can't remember any thing else.

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