Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 7 :

we wake up pretty early and we decide to go for a fly around the island to cheek every thing is okay. so i shape shift my self into a bird and the others can already fly because they are just special. so we take off flying through the air. i just feel so light and free! then Maddy spots a sign and i can't read it because it is pretty far away. but then when we get closer and Maddy's face lights up when she sees the word ice cream. OMG this can be, ice cream is just so nice and there is free stuff as much as you want. we go and land by the ice cream truck. Maddy then says 'What the hey?, this ice cream truck is flying." when i first here her say this i think maybe she is just so excited that she is going to free ice cream that she is seeing things. but then i turn around and see that the truck is floating!. with all the weird things that i have seen you'd think this wouldn't scare me but well this did.

then the little people who are working in the ice cream truck say " Greetings, what flavour would you like to eat today" these little people are just so random and kinda scary looking. i ask what flavours we have. and guess what they said. it made everyone that surrounded us fill with excitement. "well we have every flavour possible". Wow i just can't wait to get stuck into a nice creamy desert. i was just so happy and eat so much!

then once we had finished we thought we might have to get back somehow so we told the little ice cream truck drivers that we best be off but they said that they are going to this ice cream pit tomorrow and said they will take us to it. oh Yay lets go to the ice cream pit. so we all slept in the truck and yeah it was cool.

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