Sunday, November 22, 2009

day 5:

We set off to the cave very early in the morning, the waves roll in crashing on the surface under our feet then a portal thing opened under us. then the some of the guys that were with us got really attracted to the portal. they could not get away from it. they were sucked up and then vanished. Morgan flew up to the sky to check if they had gone there but there was no sight of them anywhere. the remaining people ( Maddy mac Leah and Morgan oh and James) we were telling each other what had happen and what we think is going on in this weird place. then we made it to the river and found the cave.

Maddy was the bravest so she went on first, followed by me, then well the rest followed. Maddy screamed and gave me a fright so i screamed. there was this talking monkey! what else could get more strange than a talking monkey! he was saying something about this really complicated technical machine thing tat he was standing by. and for a monkey he was quite fast at talking.

he said the word time machine. so i am starting to think that the machine is in fact a time machine. am i going crazy? James was so interested in what he was saying so maybe he could figure it out. then the monkey turned and said to us " i once was a human but this island mutated me into a monkey. he said it in a weird sort of tone. but i just found it so funny how of all things he got turned into a monkey! every one was laughing. then i turn around and see Maddy. she seemed so upset.

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  1. Good story! Your grammar may not be perfect, but it is kind of funny.
    P.S. Try to write more in a day, as this is a few hours.