Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 4:

i still cannot remember any thing all i no is that i am still breathing and alive. bu ti am sick, very sick and need help quickly. time must have gone on because all of a sudden i am awake. it seems like 12 o'clock because the sun is up and it is so hot!

i look up and see all my friends, i am finally back with Maddy, Mac, Morgan, Malik and Leah! and they are with some other class members of ours. then i look up to thank James and see he is soooo ugly. he is like this swamp monster thing. it is sooo scary. then Maddy is an Egyptian god and Leah is a European god. then Morgan is a Pegasus! that is sooo awesome!

then we decide to go for a walk. We looked from the top of the huge mountain and saw the whole island, which was just so great! and then we saw that the other three mountains were Egyptian pyramids! There was different things all over the island different things no one had seen before like mysterious tunnel and caves and spooky dark forest. but then there was this beautiful waterfall. i was so thirsty because i haven't drunk in like quite a few days. So Maddy, Leah and Morgan all travel down using there new powers that they have formed. i am actually quite jealous. but they have a drink of the water and say that we must try it and that its the most wonderful thing they have ever tasted. so we all have to walk down. half way to the bottom i decide this is no longer a walk it is a hike. and a very hard hike i must add, well now i know I'm going to be very sore tomorrow.

but finally we make it down to the bottom of the waterfall where there is a pond type thing. i see fresh water and i ran as fast as possible. OMG it's just such a great feeling to have some liquid substance inside me. i thought i would never have that satisfying feeling of that ever again. but then all of a sudden i start to feel this strange feeling inside me and i turn into this monster looking thing!

every one is staring at me in shock. i just want to be invisible right now. then well i look at me hand, it's gone. i look at me leg and it's gone. wow i am invisible. and just when i needed to be, then i think of a bird and i turn into a bird. wow i am like a shape shifter that is amazing. i am so excited now. i have a like super power too!!!!!

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