Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 6:

we slept in the cave for the night but on the other side, away from the talking monkey. and we had a pretty horrible sleep. the ground is so bumpy! but i wake up really early and then about 5 minutes later the others wake up to. then we just plan what we are going to do. " i think we should get out of her" says James, Leah and Mac agree. but then Maddy wants to go and try out this time machine. maybe it could help us get off this dreaded island. in the end we decide to go with Maddy's plan and go try actually listen to monkey.

He goes on and on and on, about how to use the time machine and tells us all the side affects. now well I'm not so keen. i mean getting lost in space is a bit dramatic you have to admit. but after listening to instructions for like 45 Min's seriously i stopped listening after 20 Min's. but a few people listened so we were all goods.

i hope in the machine and i am shaking like a ice block in the freezer. then Malik pulls the leaver and boom i am floating, just like what happened in the plane when we crashed on this island. oh dear this can not be good. i think we are in a bit of a pickle actually. don't you? but then i wake up and i am out side on top of the mountain again. hmmm, that's weird and i am watching myself when i was normal with no secret powers building which looks to me like a village. okay this is getting scary. we are watching our self's for ages wondering what in the world is going on.

we are thinking and sharing our ideas about what we think has happened for about 2 hours. then we come to the final decision that we have gone back in time to reality. because the main point of us coming to the island any way was to build sustainable environments and that is what we are doing while watching our self's. but it's going to get dark soon so we best be going back to the cave so we can find the time machine.

well it doesn't actually take us that long to find it which is good. then we pull the leaver and we go forwards in time to where we were before. and i am so tired right now so i think I'm going to go back to the waterfall to sleep for the night.

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