Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 8

We slept in so late and woke up at round 11 o'clock! We went on a journey towards the forest and then carried on to just below it and we watched Jordan transform everything into everything!
It was amazingly, ice-cream just nothing but ice-cream, ice-cream and well ice-cream. I couldn't believe my eyes I had never seen anything like this ever.
Cairo was giving out this broach sort of thing that Jordan put on first we watched him slowly bring the broach to his chest and stick it there, then all of a sudden a full body suit surrounded him, then everyone else started to do it too!
We jumped into the endless pool of ice-cream and then the ice-cream around me changed to my favourite flavour I took a bite it was just so yummy!
All day we were swimming and eating ice-cream. wow i am feeling a bit sick. But well i don't really Care because i am swimming in a pool of ice cream!
IT was a very long day and o must say i am very tired now. We slept the night there i was the last to fall asleep because i was so excited about the ice cream pit i didn't want it to disappear!

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