Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 14:

Today is the last day! Finally this is just been so crazy over the last 2 weeks i hope i get home safe and sound.

We wake the next day. Maddy, James and Mac are full of excitement and eat a good breakfast quickly and get ready fast so we can swim out to the spaceship again and deliver the ankh! they tell us about what happened first though.

then the orders were to swim out at 12 but we are so hyped that we leave 10 mins early! the swim is really easy, and this time there are no complications! Then maddy pushes this button and the space ship goes up into the air. Wow is exciting we might actually be going home!

The alien opens the door and tells us in a scary kind of way us in and to follow him. We follow him into this control room, and he says very slowly, "You have the ankh?""Yes, we do. You learnt to speak English?" Maddy say, after all she is the best communicator in our group."Very good, and yes we have learnt to speak English, it has been quite a challenge. Can we please have the ankh?""That's good, yes, here it is." Morgan steps forward, slowly she is a little bit scared of the aliens, "Here, it was a gift to me, but you need it to get us back so here take it." She says in such a frightened tone."Thank you very much, I sense tension between me and you, there is no need to worry, you will not regret this decision. We are on your side, well that's better." i am so relieved when the alien said that, my Horror of them is now gone.

then the alien speaks in his little language to all the others of his kind and we get ready for the journey home! Finally i miss every one so much. but i must say i am really going to miss Matainui. i hope i come back some day. well Maybe i already have.........

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