Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 11:

I wake up and see that Maddy Leah and Morgan have all ditched me! I am well very angry now. i wake up Mac,James and Malik and we just chat about life for ages actually. then Malik tells us about his secret obsession for knuckle bones and that at home he secretly practices at night whilst everyone else is asleep. then he quickly whips out some knuckle bones that he had made and we play with them for a while as well.

Then through the bushes we all here a noise and out come "the ditchers"! "Where the hell have you guys been?" I shout angrily. "We were trying to find Morgan because she went sleep walking and didn't comeback, and now shes unconscious and the ankh is no longer inside of her. We are really confused, but when she wakes up hopefully she'll be able to answer our questions." They explain. "Oh, okay, sorry for shouting." i say i feel bad now. "Oh, don't worry we knew you guys were going to be at least a little bit angry, you had a right to as well." Leah says acceptably.So we sit around for a while and wait for Morgan to wake up, because we can't really do anything or go anywhere unless shes awake."Maybe we need to put the ankh back in her to get her to wake up?" James says. "Oh yea, that's an awesome idea!" Mac says. "But we can't really do that a unless we stab it into her?! And we shouldn't do that, because it might kill her." Maddy Say's intelligently. "Well, why don't we make a necklace and put it on her?" i said like They are a bunch of idiots. "Oh, yea okay." James says.Then I use my awesome powers and shape shifts a long twig into a piece of thin rope and links it through the ankh and ties knot into it and puts it over her head.Slowly but gradually Morgan starts to wake up, she seems very confused. so we get her a canister of some of the special waterfall water to make her feel better. then she is back to normal! YAY!

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