Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 10:

We all wake up around the same time, and guess what! we all feel so much better! That is just so fabulous! But any way once every one is blue eyed and bushy tailed, we decide amongst ourselves what we are going to do with our sunny and gorgeous day. Maddy has an idea that we could visit the little island just off the coast where we first crash landed onto the island. I think that is a wonderful idea. so do the others so we get some water and berries that we find and set off on our wonderful journey to the little island, just so we can cheek it out.

while we are flying over i don't see any movement like we usually do. They probably still fell sick from all the ice cream. They should take some of the water. But they can't, they're not as special as us! And there's no way we are going to tell them about it. it could run out! that would be Horrible!

when we finally land on this island it has a beautiful beach on it. i am fully jealous of its looks. Although i don't want to look like a beach. But back to the topic it is extra warm on the sand so i lie down and have well an afternoon nap. After that, We go deeper in to the island, and then we find Mr Woody and Miss McConnell's old house they were going to live in! it looks quite cosy actually. and it's made out of limestone, very stylish indeed.

Then we look up at the sky, "it's getting a bit dark don't you think?" says James. so we decide to camp here the night. Then with my awesome shape shifting power i create a bonfire, with a shield around it so it is sustainable for our environment. then we toast berries and marshmallows then drift off one by one to sleep.

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